Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Magic of Lake Quachita


There is an element of mystery and magic 

in the crystalline waters of Lake Quachita
that graces the beautiful state of Arkansas. 

Indeed.  Mystery and magic.  
And it was the dance of these elements that spoke to my Artist Soul during a recent Girls' Getaway.

Our circle of sisters spent one of our adventure days on a party barge, out on the peaceful and uncrowded lake, in mindfulness and solace.  It was a graceful and blessed day of boating and floating and swimming and sharing of life stories.  It was a graceful and blessed time spent in the company of kindred souls.

And it was there, in the calm and cool waters of lake Quachita 
that my muse swam up for a visit.  
Like a mermaid, she whispered into my soul 
to remember the coolness of the water upon my skin, 
to remember the weightlessness of my body as I floated, 
to remember the curves of the distant landscape, 
to remember the softness of the surrounding space that cradled my body.

She whispered for me to remember these things…
and then…to go back into my studio and paint.  
To paint from the memories.  
To paint from the whisperings.  
To paint from my soul.  
And so it is that I am now in the midst of working on a new series 
inspired by that day well spent on the waters of Lake Quachita. 

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