Sunday, July 10, 2016

Studio 8: Dancing Across the Canvas

I love to dance.  
Always have; always will.  

Some of the most vivid memories in my lifetime so far are when 
I have heard "the call to dance" and my spirit said, "Let's do this!" 

The list would be far too long if I were to name every magical memory -- 
and so, I will recall a precious few:
dancing in Susan Babb's living room, dancing on Go-Go Girl risers 
on the stage in a local music hall; 
dancing in Austin clubs; dancing with my mama; dancing with my daddy; 
dancing by the shores of Lake Erie; dancing on the shore of Galveston beach.  
With each recollection, I can see and hear and feel my Self back at each of those moments.  
Time falls away.  It does.

And so it is that I now add "Dancing Across a Canvas"
to my long list of times when my love gives me permission to move and let go.

My "canvas dancing" is choreographed with color
and freedom and bold gesture and pure delight.

It is as if the blank canvas 
invites my creative soul, my el duende, 
to hear the music of my heart.  

And when that call is heard, I respond…
and I dance across the canvas as I wish to dance--
no rules, no patterns to follow, no right or wrong.  
Just me and the canvas and the colors and the emotions. 


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