Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spark . . .


We have all been there, right?  At that point where the creative spark begins to flicker, to sputter, and almost die out.

It can be a frightening moment, that moment when we notice the diminishing flame of what we believe to be our creative fire.

I am moved to write about this flickering of my creative flame, because today I wandered about the house like a caged artist.  I wanted to be in the studio; I wanted to stare at a blank canvas; I wanted to meditate and be in the moment.  I wanted to wait for the whisper from my inner creative soul.  Mostly, I wanted to sling paint.  But today, that was not to be, and life kept me home, away from the canvas.

Today.  I needed to huff and puff a bit to keep my creative spirit ablaze--but i wasn't doing a very effective job.  So it was somewhat curious that as I was walking from the kitchen through our library room I noticed the art magazine, "Spark"--created and published by Marcus Wise, owner and curator of 464 Gallery in Buffalo, New York--lying on top of a stack of books.

"Spark" is the magazine in which I had the honor to have been featured in an article, written by artist and writer Thom Neill, about my emergence upon the art scene in Western New York.  Seeing that magazine lying catty-wampus across that stack of books…taking note of this "Spark" sign from the was as if I had been given permission to just stop my busy-ness and sit down and look back over that article again.  I chose a quiet spot.

I let my "spirit self" re-read the article.

As I read Thom's words, I began to deeply miss my artist friend and colleague.  I missed our chats.  I missed our shared laughter.  I missed our creative collaboration.

It was as if Thom was sitting on the sofa with me, and I could hear his laugh and see the impish flicker of curiosity and friendship in his eyes.

When I came to the end of the article, I felt my creative spirit begin to flicker and flame.  
Perhaps, tomorrow I paint!

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  1. Beautiful.....hugs. and my spark says to yours, let's ignite each other in free open breath and new winds. Soon to be higher flames. We are the eternal fire.