Wednesday, November 23, 2016


As of late, 
the Universe has called me to lighten up, to let go … 
to let my spirit and paintings flow.
And so, I am heeding that call with an open heart and open mind.
In doing so, I dance a dance of joy.
And as I get lost in my flow dancing, in the process, 
my soul experiences such
"Unexpected Grace" 

I have been playing around with pouring medium and acrylic -- 
working out just the right consistencies of medium + paint
to achieve different fluid effects for this new series.

It is as if each canvas invites me to see the world 
from a mystical vantage point.  
Looking up into the morning sky, I see an ocean of colors … 
I see the glory of the universe … 
I am awed by the Universe
as my spirit and soul merge into that moment when 
"Morning Has Broken"

It is as if I am embracing 
how I truly witness the world:
in a fluid convergence and rippling and flow of colors.
I see energy.  I see movement.  
I see the world in flux, 
I see the world in

3rd place (tie); juried exhibit, Alchemy

My heart is full. 
My spirit is dancing.
My joy is expanding into eternity.


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